A Prayer

by Robert

High and lofty One who inhabits eternity,
What a mystery that you came down to mortality!
What wonder that the eternal One should die for me!
How fathomless Your love to set this slave to sin free!

Eternity is too short for me to sing Your praise;
Heaven isn’t high enough Your glorious name to raise;
Hell isn’t low enough Your majesty to erase,
Your true love is strong enough to raise me from the grave.

Who am I, oh God Most High, that for me Christ should die?
Was it for me that in the garden Jesus did cry?
His torture, crucifixion and forsakenness: Why?
So may you, heavenly Father, now forgive and give life!

What can I give to the One who gave me everything?
Surely it is not enough that to You I should sing.
Because of Your great mercy my whole being I bring,
Knowing that Christ has given Himself for my cleansing.

Let Your Holy Spirit refine with fire from above,
And give His character that is gentle as a dove.
Knowing that my own good works can never be enough,
Help me to be defined by Your unfailing love.

And so may my life be characterised by worship,
May my words written and spoken be from Your script.
Righteous Judge, may my name from your book of deeds be ripped,
And according to the Lamb’s book of life my soul lift.

Highest, exalted One, living outside time’s boundaries-
The One who gave heaven up to die on a tree-
Again in heaven exalted for our liberty,
Let us join in Your worship for all eternity!