Singleness is good (5)

On to Jesus’ teaching about eunuchs, or as we prefer to be called now, singles! Jesus divides us into three subcategories. There are those who have been so from birth. So some people are born physiologically unable to marry and fulfil their marital duty. As to nature V nurture Jesus says it’s both. Some people are naturally unsuited to marriage and others, as Jesus puts it, have been made eunuchs by that done by men. In Jesus’ day, people were sometimes castrated, that is, rendered physically unable to fulfil a marital duty. Nowadays, through abuse or misuse of the body, some people become physically unable to fulfil a marital duty. Jesus says it’s fine to remain as a eunuch/single.

And then there are those who are eunuchs/single for the sake of the kingdom. I think the Lord himself must have been in this category. He was tempted in every way just as we are yet was without sin. So that must mean that humanly speaking he was physically attracted to women and could have been married if it had been the will of God.

But he chose to remain single for the sake of the kingdom. Not only was Jesus able to devote himself fully to his kingdom as a single man, but he was more able to minister to the single outcasts of society like many of the tax collectors and “sinners” (prostitutes) he hung out with. God who is communal by nature, in Christ suffered loneliness and desertion, so that in Him, the lonely and deserted might enjoy communion with God and others within His family.

So if you choose to be single for the sake of the kingdom, you’re in great company. But as Jesus says, “let the one who is able to receive this receive it”. If you’re not able to receive it, get married!