by Robert

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Robert: child of God; husband of Joy; father of Grace

It started out as a young lad writing in little green books that I titled “Ramblings Of An Overexcited Mind”. These were thoughts on everything from religion and politics to relationships and stories, and just about whatever I was interested in.

I haven’t revisited them for a while, but I suspect my early blog posts are “Ramblings of an Overexcited Mind”!

But once a friend suggested I started writing in earnest, my writings became more streamlined as thoughts on Bible, which have become known as “Watching Daily At Wisdom’s Gates”, from Proverbs 8:34.

A note on the translation of the Bible I use. I use the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible. See https://www.esv.org/translation/ for more information.