by Robert Chamberlain

greyscale photo of man singing

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I will be glad and exult in you; I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.
Psalms 9:2 ESV

People often have a perception of religious people as killjoys. But as the old hymn goes, “religion never was designed to make our pleasures less”. As David says here, “I will be glad”.

What do you exult in? What inspires an overflow of praise from your lips? For David it was God Most High. So it should be with us.

David resolves in this verse to sing praise to God’s name. It’s in the future tense, so maybe he was so depressed at the time of writing that he couldn’t sing. But God is worthy of all our praise.

David describes God as the Most High. David might have been the king of Israel, but he never forgot the supremacy of the Lord over him. So it should be with us.

“Oh Most High, may Your praises be on our lips. Please make us glad in Your salvation, to exult in You and to sing Your praise forevermore, amen”