Emotional Bible Men

by Robert

monochrome photo of man covering his face

Photo by Daniel Reche on Pexels.com

I’ve been inspired by whitneyibeblog.wordpress.com to consider Bible men and their emotions, to try and encourage myself and my fellow men to get in touch with our emotional sides.

So here’s an introduction to some Bible men and their emotions…

Adam- loneliness and fear

Surprisingly, the first human emotion recorded was a negative one, considering that God created a good cosmos. We’re told at the beginning of Genesis that Adam was lonely, he needed someone to come alongside and help him live life to the full. This doesn’t mean to say that every man needs to marry a woman to not feel lonely, but women are a blessing to help men out in our lives and to befriend us.

After mankind messed up by disobeying God, the next recorded human emotion was fear. Adam heard God walking in the garden and hid because he was guilty, ashamed and fearful.

Jacob- romantic love

Jacob was a pretty soppy character. We’re told that when he first met Rachel he wept aloud- talk about love at first sight!

David- depression and happiness

David talked to himself in the Psalms. You may think that sounds like madness, but he was actually reasoning with himself not to be depressed but to hope in God.

At other times David was full of exuberant praise to God- singing, shouting and dancing his happiness at God’s goodness

Elijah- suicidal

To be fair to Elijah, evil queen Jezabel was trying to kill him, so it’s understandable that he felt so grim. Rather than judge him, God sent an angel with food and encouraged him to get some rest

Jeremiah- weeping/complaining

Jeremiah is known as the weeping prophet because he had a largely negative message of judgement for God’s people. Interestingly, we’re never actually told that he cried, even when God said he wouldn’t marry; but he did moan a lot!

Jesus- sorrow and rejoicing

Jesus is emotionally complex. He didn’t just have a stiff upper lip. He wasn’t frigid. Isaiah described Him as a man of sorrows and familiar with grief. But we’re also told He was very sociable and rejoiced when He saw spiritual progress in His disciples.

There’s just a snapshot for you. Dig into Scripture to find what I’m referring to. And men, don’t be afraid to be emotional!