Strong Bible Women

by Robert Chamberlain

two woman doing exercises

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Once again inspired by I’ve decided to do a similar post to my Emotional Bible Men one, this time about strong Bible women.

I guess you could say I’m challenging gender stereotypes one post at a time!

If we don’t often associate emotions with men, we might not associate strength with women. Certainly traditionally (not in the Bible), women were known rather uncharitably as the “weaker sex”. Women may not tend to be as physically strong as men, but they’re often more emotionally strong.


Eve was created because Adam wasn’t complete without her. He was lonely without her and needed her help to look after the creation that God had placed them in. Genesis paints Eve as a strong woman who was looking forward to her promised Descendant who would undo satan’s curse upon mankind.


As a young woman, Rebekah displayed great faith to be willing to marry a man she’d never met in a far away land. When God promised her younger son would be more blessed than the elder, she schemed with Jacob to outwit Isaac and Esau.


As a young woman, Miriam outwitted the most powerful man in the world to save her brother Moses, with whom she grew up to be a leader of Israel. Sadly, her record was marred by her racism towards Moses’ African wife (Numbers 12).


Rahab was a pagan prostitute who had the faith to renounce her old life and commit to the God of Israel.


Deborah led Israel in the absence of any men with backbone. She wisely led them to victory against their enemies.


Was a pagan Moabitess who with the help of her equally strong mother in law Naomi, managed to marry a great man (who was Rahab’s son).


Married the most powerful man in the world and persuaded him not to destroy her Jewish people, inaugurating the Jewish celebration of Purim.


Although I cringe at Roman Catholic Mary worship, she generally comes across in a good light in Scripture, and was part of the early church of followers of her Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, having had the strength to have to witness His brutal execution.