by Robert Chamberlain

photo of person pressing the button of pedestrian box

Photo by Lukas Hartmann on Pexels.com

Wait for the Lord ; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord !
Psalms 27:14 ESV

Waiting isn’t easy to do. It’s much easier to rush ahead and do something, than to stop and wait. People prefer having cars to waiting for public transport for example.

Your stereotypical strong person wouldn’t wait, they’d just power forward. But David calls us to find our strength by waiting for the Lord and His might manifest in our lives. It actually takes more strength to be patient than to rush ahead.

Letting your heart take courage isn’t an optional extra in the believer’s life. Revelation goes as far as to say that the cowardly go to the lake of fire rather than heaven. But we take courage not by finding it within, but by having God implant it in us as we wait for Him and His strength.

Hebrew doesn’t have block capitals. So if writers wanted to emphasise something they would repeat it. So wait for the Lord again! Don’t rush ahead, like a child into the busy road of life. Stay holding your heavenly Father’s hand until He leads you across in safety.

“Dear heavenly Father, please give us the patience we need to wait for You, be strong and to take courage. Please guide us through life’s treacherous routes. For Your name’s sake, amen”