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“You shall not murder.
Exodus 20:13 ESV

Even in the post Christian West, this commandment may seem like a nobrainer. One of the cardinal rules of the postmodern world is “do what makes you feel good, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone”. That seems to fit well with this commandment.

Once you scratch the surface however, this commandment isn’t quite so well observed. Note that the commandment doesn’t add any caveats. It doesn’t say you can murder someone if they’re out of sight, dispensable, or make no economic contribution to society.

In other words, this command rules out abortion, infanticide and euthanasia, as well as more conventional forms of homicide. Babies don’t become murderable once you can see them in the flesh. Humanity isn’t dependant on “viability”. Just because you can’t see someone in the flesh, doesn’t mean to say you can murder them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the rights of women. But that goes for the rights of unborn women too to life. Especially in cultures that prefer boys, girls are more likely to be murdered in the womb, or abandoned at birth. Christians shouldn’t just protest murder, but act positively in things like advocacy and adoption of unwanted children.

“Oh Yahweh, You make it clear that You hate murder. But thank You that it’s not unforgivable. Please forgive and transform murders, and us who struggle with hatefulness and murderous thoughts to be conformed to Christlikeness, for Your glory, amen”