by Robert Chamberlain


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Let the Christ, the King of Israel, come down now from the cross that we may see and believe.” Those who were crucified with him also reviled him.
Mark 15:32 ESV

Just suppose the Christ, the King of Israel, had come down from the cross. Would His scoffers have seen and believed? After all, seeing is believing isn’t it? They’d still hate Him. Belief isn’t just intellectual assent, it’s heartfelt worship.

So Jesus didn’t come off the cross, and His mockers didn’t believe. But to all who did recieve Him, He gave the right to be called children of God. Because Jesus endured to the end, for the prize set before Him, so can we.

This verse may seem like a contradiction with Luke’s gospel. Luke records how one of the crucified criminals alongside Christ came to believe in Him. Mark states that they both reviled Him.

But if you put the two accounts together, you can conclude that the criminal who initially reviled Christ, came to realise that He truly is the Lord. Some men live well, but it takes special grace to die well. Christ had such integrity even in excruciating pain that it had an everlastingly powerful impression on the dying criminal alongside.

“Lord, give us the faith we pray to realise that You are our only hope. Thank You that even if we’ve reviled You, there’s hope of reconciliation if we would only repent. To the honour of Your name, amen”