by Robert Chamberlain

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Trust in the Lord , and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness.
Psalms 37:3 ESV

Trust in Jehovah looks a bit like a child trusting their dad to teach them how to ride a bike. It may not be easy, but with stabilisers and encouragement it’s possible. Similarly, Jehovah looks after those who entrust themselves to Him.

But it’s not a case of “let go and let God”. We’re still to do good. A kid on a bike still has to balance and pedal, even if their dad is pushing them. Romans 6 addresses those who argue they can continue sinning, that grace may super-abound.

Some people accuse Christians to be “so heavenly minded to be of no earthly use”. But Jehovah tells us here to “dwell in the land”. In other words, settle down! Pitch up your tents and be a blessing to those around you, don’t just hide out in a Christian bubble!

Finally, we’re to befriend faithfulness. In other words, trust in Jehovah’s reliability. But also, be reliable ourselves- people that others can depend on, as far as we’re able. We become like who we befriend. So pick your friends wisely, and choose faithfulness!

“Dear Jehovah, thank You for the friendliness of faithfulness, and for Your own trustworthiness. Please help me to be happy and a blessing on this pilgrim way through the land, in Christ’s name, amen”