by Robert Chamberlain

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And all who heard him were amazed at his understanding and his answers.
Luke 2:47 ESV

This verse is set when Jesus was a twelve year old boy, visiting the temple with His family for a Jewish festival. There He was in the centre of Jewish learning, asking insightful and probing questions. “And all who heard Him where amazed at His understanding and His answers”.

Asking questions is the mark of an inquisitive mind. Most kids will ask lots of questions in their quest for knowledge. But the irony of Christ is that the all knowing God became a child who as it were had to learn everything all over again.

Having said that, this verse suggests that although Jesus asked the religious leaders questions, He had all the answers too. They were amazed at His understanding, to ask the kind of questions He did. But they were also amazed at His answers to His own questions that stumped them.

We’re not told what Jesus asked. Oh to be a fly on the wall! But I suspect He was investigating what the state was of His Father’s house- the temple of Jehovah. Would He find true faith there, or had they lost their way? The rest of the gospels strongly suggest the answer to that question.

“Jehovah God, when You come to question us, may You find true faith. May we be dazzled by Your understanding of us in Your word, and humbly submit to Your will for our lives. For Jesus’ sake, amen”