by Robert

I long for your salvation, O Lord , and your law is my delight.

Psalms 119:174 ESV

We often might think of salvation and God’s law as enemies, but David doesn’t, so we would do well to consider these things to work out the truth. David goes as far as to say that God’s law is his delight. That’s not something many of us are likely to say. After all, doesn’t the law condemn us as law breakers?

Well yes, but just because we’ve broken God’s law doesn’t mean to say God’s law is bad, that makes us the bad ones! We can’t blame the law for our own law breaking. It’s like when people want to make taking drugs legal to reduce crime: just because something is legal according to the laws of the land doesn’t mean to say it is okay according to God’s Word.

The law is good- summarised as loving God and loving others. But the law shows us to be bad. So the law makes us aware of our need of salvation, of God to be merciful to us in the Lord Jesus Christ.

A greater awareness of, and delight in God’s law, will make us long for salvation, because it tells us of our need of God to save us. So the law is like the childminder who gives the child to their parents at the end of the day. The law would lead us to salvation in the end if we followed its logic. After all, the law speaks of the need for sacrifice, which is ultimately that of Christ Jesus Himself.

“Lord, may we delight in Your law and long for Your salvation. Thank You that it is available to us in the Lord Jesus, in His name, amen”