by Robert

Even my close friend in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has lifted his heel against me. But you, O Lord , be gracious to me, and raise me up, that I may repay them!

Psalms 41:9‭-‬10 ESV

I think we sometimes erroneously think that God is doing an injustice when He repays the wicked. But He owes us nothing but hell for our wrongdoing. Anything better than that is a bonus.

These verses are a prophecy about Judah Iscariot, who would betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. He ate Jesus’ bread at the last supper, and then went out to plot His destruction. He seems to have been disillusioned that Jesus wasn’t going to take political power but instead establish a spiritual kingdom in the hearts of the poor and marginalised.

Jesus sought the grace of God to enable Him to overcome His betrayal, arrest, trial and execution. He was raised upon a cross so that all who trust in Him might have eternal life. And on the third day He rose again nevermore to die.

The first time Jesus came to earth, He came as Saviour of all who trust in Him. When He returns, it will be as judge, to repay those who have rejected Him. And He is perfectly just in condemning those who unrepentantly rebel against Him.

“Oh Lord, may we never betray You, but be faithful to the end. And please, by Your grace, raise us up on that last day of judgement. In Christ’s name, amen”