Future Goals Award

by Robert

Thanks Africa Boy http://www.africaboy.home.blog for this new award!

You’re right, I like awards, although my ultimate award will be to hear my Lord tell me, “well done, good and faithful servant” (I trust!)!

So the Future Goals Award I trust is a recognition of meeting goals to impact others through our blogs, but it’s also about sharing our future goals- for our blogs and for our lives.

One goal I’m already achieving and want to maintain is daily “Watching at Wisdom’s Gates”- posting Bible devotionals every day

So 5 blogging goals and 5 personal goals:

Blogging Goals

1) I want to start putting all the talks I’ve given/will give into print, so I and others have a record of them

2) I’ve already self published my first “Watching Daily At Wisdom’s Gates” book, available on Amazon. But I’ve already got enough material for one or two more books, so I want to keep self publishing (and in future making my books freely available, rather than setting a charge).

3) I want to complete/revive some of my other blogging projects like Blogging Psalms and the 99 Beautiful Names of God

4) I obviously want to grow my readership but find it hard to put a number on it: say 300 followers by 2020?

5) I want to post more personal stuff because people always especially appreciate them 🙂

Personal Goals:

1) To daily become more like my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ- all other goals are just aspects of that!

2) To daily become a better son, husband and father

3) To be diligent in the work God has given me

4) To be diligent in finding more work to do for God

5) To bless people through my work for God

I use that phrase “work for God” in the widest sense, including secular work.

The older I get, the more concerned I get with “being” rather than “doing”. If I’m clear about who I am in Christ, then all that He has for me to do will fall into place.

As I said at my daughter’s first birthday party about her, so I feel about myself: I’m not bothered about becoming great, successful and famous in the world’s eyes; I want to be good, gracious and godly- pleasing to my heavenly Father.

My nominees (who I’ll message to inform) are:

Mrs Mariposa

Stu at Something to Stu Over

Kim Petitt

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Introverted Evangelist