W.D.A.W.G. on Social Media :)

by Robert

Okay so I came off social media because it’s a big time wasting exercise!

But I’m back on now to advertise Watching Daily At Wisdom’s Gates. The image of my blog title is of someone looking to get wise in the midst of a busy life.

If social media cutters people’s lives, then I want to be there to help people on Facebook to get their faces in the Book, for people on twitter to see tweets about Jesus, and for people on instagram to get an instant fix of God’s Word!

So if you’re on any of those platforms, I am too!

On Facebook search for Watching Daily At Wisdom’s Gates (@bloggingproverbsetc).

On twitter, find me at @RobertC19966456 (maybe copy and paste- twitter gave me that unmemorable identifier!).

On instagram I post at @rjchamb_

And I’m occasionally on YouTube – “Robert Chamberlain” if you want to look for me amongst my namesakes!

Maybe see you around some of these places! 🙂