“Here we go a-wassailing”: an evangelistic idea

by Robert

I’ve been a bit ambivalent about Christmas for a few years. I think I’ve been a bit legalistic though, and as long as we’re celebrating Jesus rather than Mammon, I think it’s probably okay. I know we could debate pagan origins, but hey, even the names for the days of the week have that!

A great way to get our Mammon worshipping neighbours to think about Immanuel is through some good old fashioned wassailing, in the Christmas carolling understanding of the word!

We did it last year. We had a mixed response: most seemed to think we were raising money for charity! Most seemed to enjoy it though, although there’s a couple of doors we might miss out if we get round to it this year!

An Englishman’s home is his castle. Yes, we tend to be polite as well, but once we get home we tend to draw up the drawbridge and be, to put it uncharitably, rather inhospitable! Carolling is a disarmingly pleasant way to lay siege to the walls of an Englishman’s heart and melt his heart with the warmth of the gospel.

We gave out Christmassy gospel leaflets and invites to church.

Would wassailing work in your whereabouts? 🙂

I would certainly recommend it if you want to give it a go. You’ll most likely get a mixed response but it should be worth it 🙂

You want to consider your carol. You won’t need a massive playlist- just one verse and if applicable chorus should be fine. You want the gospel in a nutshell in whatever lyrics you choose. I chose “Oh come all you faithful” which has the lyric “born the King” which helps people hopefully to see the significance of Christ’s birth- “Oh come let us adore Him: Christ the Lord”.

If we manage to organise it this year I think we’ll have the first verse of “Joy to the world” 🙂

Let me know how it goes if you go for it!