Disagreeing with Islam isn’t Islamophobia

by Robert

I know I occasionally write this kind of post, but I think it’s an important point.

I don’t want to make light of what happened in London yesterday, I just think we have to talk about these things.

I pray for everyone affected yesterday, for comfort and healing.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Muslim, and I disagree with Islam.

That doesn’t make me Islamophobic!

Disagreeing with someone doesn’t mean to say you necessarily fear them or hate them. You might just think they’re wrong.

It’s possible to love someone and still have a difference of opinion to them. You might not even want to affirm their opinion, if it’s violent for example. But it’s still possible to love them.

Islam was founded by a warlord who spread it by violence, and so it has been ever since.

Just because I hate the violent ideology of Islam, doesn’t mean to say I hate Muslims, the vast majority of whom don’t practice what their founder preached and practiced. I don’t even hate violent terrorists, whatever their ideology, but long that they should come to repentance and faith.

A terrorist was crucified with Jesus. He knew he was getting what he deserved, but that Jesus had done no wrong. He said “Lord, remember me when You come into Your Kingdom”. Jesus replied “Today, you will be with me in paradise!” That’s radical!

In a world that condemns people for Islamophobia, but seeks to give terrorists a second chance, that forgiveness and transformation that Jesus offers is powerful stuff!

Do we believe in the effectiveness of Jesus’ blood? Maybe we do for ourselves, but we don’t want to believe it for the terrorists! Truly, as Jesus said, if you’re forgiven a bit, you’ll love a bit; if you’re forgiven a lot you’ll love a lot.

I pray for my nation, for peace and reconciliation- with God first and foremost, and with one another.