The Culture Test

by Robert

I think these kind of tests. It’s surprising then that I haven’t done that famous personality test or something that I’ve forgotten the name of.

I’ve done the “Love Languages” test as well which wasn’t very conclusive. I don’t particularly have a stand out “love language”.

To be honest, I dont take these tests too seriously. They might be helpful to give us a vague idea about ourselves, but I wouldn’t build my life on them.

Which brings me to the culture test. Google it and you should find it. I did it years ago and just found the resultant email in the recesses of my inbox today.

Check out the image at the start of the post for more info. It reveals me to be very “Western”- on a paradigm of guilt to innocence, rather than “Eastern” (shame to honour), or even less “Southern” (fear to power).

All good fun, but not something to allow to define us. I’d be interested to know your results if you want to have a go! πŸ™‚

P.S. I know I said I was going to try and limit myself to 2 posts a day but I’ve smashed that very weak resolution to smithereens! πŸ˜€