Hebrew or Greek?

by Robert

“Blue Collar Theologian” (check out her blog!) has got me thinking about the order of the books in the Old Testament. Check out her latest post here: https://bluecollartheologian.blog/2020/01/22/malachi-or-chronicles/

The original Hebrew Scriptures have a different order to our Old Testaments which broadly derive from Greek translations of the Hebrew Scriptures.

So in the words of Blue Collar Theologian’s latest post, does the Old Testament end with Malachi or Chronicles?

Without wanting to appear to be a relativist, after looking into it a bit, with Blue Collar Theologian’s help, I think that it’s not either/or but both/and.

Perhaps a Jew would find the Hebrew Scripture order more helpful, that Jesus fulfils all God’s promises to Israel as the Jewish Messiah.

And maybe as a Gentile I’ll continue to focus on the Greek style order, which progresses through history from ancient (torah) to recent (history) to present (writings) to future (prophecy).

What matters is that Jews see Jesus as the Messiah, and Gentiles like me see Him as the Christ, the Saviour of the world.

I know most of us will have read the Old Testament order that has its roots in the Greek style.

But have any of you read the Old Testament in the Hebrew order? Has it given you a fresh perspective on Jesus?