“You shall not commit adultery.
Exodus 20:14 ESV

At first glance this commandment is pretty straightforward: no sex outside of heterosexual, monogamous marriage. But Jesus adds a whole new layer of meaning to it. He says that even if we fantacise about committing adultery, we’ve broken the commandment in our hearts.

We tend to read the 10 commandments pretty literally, according to the letter of the law. But Jesus adds a whole new layer of meaning spiritually. It’s not just about literally breaking the commandment. It’s about thinking about it (or talking about it, which we could call flirting).

So far so bad. So is there hope for sinners like us? Thankfully yes. Adultery demands the death penalty. But David found mercy, and we can too if we turn away from our sins to Jesus.

Then there was the woman caught in adultery, who the religious people clamoured to have stoned to death. Jesus refused to condemn her but called her to leave her life of sin. We should go and do likewise.

“Desr Lord, please help us not just to see the negative in Your commandments, but also the positive alternative: to be faithful. Please help us be so, in Jesus’ name, amen”