by Robert

Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust, who does not turn to the proud, to those who go astray after a lie!
Psalms 40:4 ESV

Blessedness is simply spiritually inspired happiness. I’ve only ever had people point out my evident happiness out of the blue twice, and each time to be honest I’ve failed to give a clear witness. Just yesterday a customer said, “do you just love life?” to which I replied “I do to be honest, I’ve a lot to be thankful for… grateful for… every good gift”.

Our joy in the Lord should be evident to all. But if we don’t explain that the Lord is our joy, how can people enter into it? The Lord is trustworthy, and He inspires joyful confidence in life.

With the wonders of modern technology, it’s so easy to turn to the proud. Proud people are beamed into our homes through our TVs, computers and phones. We could always be more discerning with what we watch.

There’s plenty of lies out there, as well as pride nowadays. We live in days of fake news, “alternative facts” and post truth. Jesus Himself is the Truth and the only firm foundation for our lives.

“Dear Lord, we want to thank You for the joy You give us. Please help us to proclaim Your goodness to the world, until You call us home. For the honour of Your name, amen”