by Robert

On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.”

Matthew 22:40 ESV

The Law and the Prophets was the first century Jewish way of describing what we know as the Old Testament. So if we want a summary of the entire Old Testament, we need to read the previous paragraph to this verse. The summary is to love God, and love others.

We’re to love God with all of our beings, wholeheartedly. We’re to love Him with all our minds, spirits and strength. The Old Testament sadly is full of examples of how we fail, but Jesus fulfilled the Law.

We’re to love others as we love ourselves. We’re to do to others as we would have them to do us. Again, we fail, but Jesus succeeds.

If we trust in Jesus, He takes our failures upon Himself on the cross. And His success in keeping God’s Law is credited to our bankrupt spiritual accounts. Praise the Lord for His great love!

“Lord, thank You for Your great love towards us. May we respond in kind, to the glory of Your great name, amen”