by Robert

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I thought I’d give a summary of what my (online) church was about today: boldness!

First we considered the persecuted church. In the face of much opposition, they are bold to stand up for Christ. In the West on the other hand, we’re afraid to speak up for our Lord for fear of being mocked and derided.

Numerous strategies in order to become more bold were mentioned, including praying for it, and studying the book of Acts, which is full of the bold exploits of the early church to make Christ known.

To be honest, as some of my recent posts have suggested, boldness hasn’t been on my list of priorities recently. I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated about covid- restrictions (notwithstanding my concern about the virus itself), and trying to teach myself the secret of contentment with God’s help, and that of His word.

But thanks to church this morning, I’ve come to see that a lot that has preoccupied me recently has been rather egotistical/self centred.

As we were reminded at church, one of the main reasons we’re not teleported directly to heaven upon believing in Jesus is to call upon other people to believe in Him. That takes boldness, granted, but it also takes love for others, and preoccupation with wanting what is best for them.

Sadly these last few days at least, I’ve been wrapped up in my own little world, and not focussed upon telling people the good news of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I was timid temperamentally as a child, but since university, I’ve become more extroverted/emboldened. What matters now is not so much that I am bold, but that I have compassion for the lost, and zeal to make the good news known to them.

May all God’s people boldly and lovingly rise up to make Him known, to His praise and glory, both now and forever, amen!