About The Blog

I’ve got posts with details about this blog deep in the archives, but I’ve decided to create a separate page to make it easier to introduce it.

“Watching Daily At Wisdom’s Gates” is a quote from Proverbs 8:34. The illustration is of us as a watchman checking what’s coming in and out of the city of our hearts. It’s an encouragement to daily feed upon and live out God’s word.

This blog is a mostly a series of devotionals on different Bible verses I’ve been reading.

The rest is more spontaneous thoughts I’ve had about life, death, and eternity.



October 2018

About me

I’m a child of God, the husband of Joy and the father of Grace.

One friend got me reading the Bible daily, another got me writing, and a third gave the idea for the title of this blog.

I know pride’s a sin, but I’m happy to come from beautiful Yorkshire, “God’s own county”. I lived in Wales for three years though while I studied politics, and Cymru is a beautiful country too!

October 2019